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Site Visit

  1. Classic Interiors offers a no obligation site visit.
  2. Classic Interiors will, on request of the Customer, offer complimentary interior decorating advice during the site visit. More detailed interior decorating advice, including written reports, is not a complimentary service and the Customer may be charged a fee. Classic Interiors will inform the Customer if there is likely to be any fees associated with interior decorating advice.
  3. Interior design and retail sales services can be provided and are normally run as a project under the direction of the Customer. For significant projects the Customer will be asked to sign a Terms of Engagement Agreement before Classic Interiors will commence work.

Quotation Process

  1. Classic Interiors undertakes to provide a written quotation for all jobs on request of the Customer.
  2. The Customer on receipt of the quotation undertakes to advise Classic Interiors by email, text or in writing whether the quotation is accepted or not.
  3. A house will not be staged until such time as the quotation is formally accepted in writing.

Contract Commencement, Duration and Extensions

  1. Unless agreed otherwise the standard contract duration is, five weeks from the date of installation, plus two days prior to installation.
  2. Classic Interiors will advise (on the invoice) the date at which the contract will terminate.
  3. The Customer undertakes to advise Classic Interiors of the desired removal date. If the removal date is beyond the initial five week contract period then the Customer accepts liability for additional fees associated with the extension period.
  4. Classic Interiors will not refund the initial five week fee once the house is staged.
  5. Classic Interiors will attempt to make contact near the end of the contract period to discuss extension or removal, however this does not absolve the Customer from his/her responsibility to monitor the contract period and accept liability should the equipment remain in place beyond the contract period.
  6. Extension must be pre-arranged with Classic Interiors, and are approved on a week by week basis.

Pre Staging Commitment

  1. The pre staging commitment includes the period 48 hours before the pre-arranged staging time. During this period Classic Interiors will be pre-packing the equipment and financially committing to the trucking contractor.
  2. Prior to the pre staging commitment period the Customer can cancel without charge.
  3. Cancelation of the contract at the Customers request within 48 hours of the pre-arranged staging time may, at the discretion of Classic Interiors, incur a minimum fee equal to 20% of the quotation price.
  4. Cancellation of the contract at the Customers request within 12 hours of the pre-arranged staging time may, at the discretion of Classic Interiors, incur a minimum equal to 50% of the quotation price.

Fees and Payment

  1. Classic Interiors will state the fees on the quotation, and the subsequent invoice should the job be accepted.
  2. The invoice will normally be sent on the day of staging and payment is required within three days.
  3. Payment will be accepted by direct credit, cheque or cash.
  4. A receipt will be provided on request.
  5. Extensions are charged on a week by week basis.
  6. Extensions are not offered on a daily basis.
  7. Classic Interiors offers a 20% discount for extension periods beyond the standard five week contract.
  8. The Customer will not be charged if Classic Interiors are unable to remove the staging on the requested date.
  9. Failure to pay any fees or meet the obligations of these Term and Conditions may result in debt recovery.

Insurance, Theft and Damage

  1. Classic Interiors does not offer furniture for hire and/or domestic use.
  2. Part staging of an occupied house is possible provided the occupants do not use the equipment and a refundable bond may be charged.
  3. Classic Interiors equipment is insured against theft provided there are signs of forcible entry. A functioning burglar alarm reduces the insurance excess in the case of a burglary. The Customer undertakes to ensure alarms are functioning and activated when the house is not occupied. If in the case of a burglary it’s found the alarm was not activated or didn’t function the Customer will accept liability for the additional excess of $1500.00.
  4. The Customer is to inform Classic Interiors if the house is not fitted with a functioning alarm.
  5. Classic Interiors equipment is not insured against theft of individual items if there is no sign of forcible entry. If items are stolen while under the supervision of the Customer, or the Agent, then Classic Interiors reserves the right to charge the Customer for the full replacement costs.
  6. Classic Interiors equipment is not insured against damage. If equipment is damaged while under the care of the Customer then Classic Interiors reserves the right to charge the Customer for full replacement or cleaning costs as appropriate.

Damage to Property

  1. Classic Interiors undertakes to repair any damage to the house or property caused by its staff or contractors. Proof may be required that Classic Interior staff or contractors caused the damage before liability is accepted.
  2. Classic Interiors has found through experience that hanging pictures with nails is far less damaging than using adhesive options as these often result in pictures falling off walls and sections of paint being removed. Any small nail holes resulting from hanging pictures does not constitute damage to property for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Classic Interiors strives to satisfy all of its customers. The Customer is encouraged to provide feedback, both positive and negative, and at all time Classic Interiors will endeavour to remedy any problems.
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